I was the Cat and she was my Curiosity.

And she killed me at first sight. I was in my teens, when I first got to lay my hands on her. She took hold of me completely. Yes, it was love at first sight with my first camera. And I knew it was going to last a lifetime.

She was practical and grounded by laws of gravity and light, whereas I was the eternal romantic from a historical town of India, travelling and exploring with my army father. She turned her lights on me- a student of physics- and made a poet out of me, as I flirted, romanced and played with her laws- turning her into a moving image.

As our teeny black & white love grew stronger, I fashioned her in my image with fervor and took her with me, into the heady days of my film institute (Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, Kolkata).

Like words chase images and images chase actions we chased each other, until finally we made love, passionate love, and I was reborn as a DoP (Director of Photography).

I found my vocation in her: To Dream Looking Into Her Eyes And Tell Stories Of Our Dreams.

And here I offer my first story - CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT